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Connect OSX server SMB share from WinXP over distant network
Be blessed in advance for the help !

I am quite a newbie...

I have troubles connecting winXP to my OSX server share over a distant network

No problem while in local network
No problem to connect via AFP from OSX.3 client (in local or over the distant network)
No problem to reach the server via http (so no DNS problems i guess)

But invariably get the message (aproximatively translated from french... [Image:]) "The network share cannot be reached" or "The folder you entered is not valid. Chose another one"

So I don't understand...
I surely have tried to open all ports in the firewall for the time of a try... (well, i think i did what had to be done for that...)

As you guess, suggestions are welcome !

Thanks in advance

PS I remind you that i am quite new at this, so please, be concrete... As he was saying Explain me this once again as if i was a 4 years old kid...[Image:] Thank you for that too...
In my opinion you commit an error. I can defend the position.

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