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ColdFusion on X?
I like using ColdFusion when programming my dynamic site, but I don't like using a PC...

O'Reilly did a 3 or 4 part tutorial on how to use Virtual PC, RedHat, and ColdFusion for Linux to host and develop through a series of odd drop boxes, folder shares and Java; however, I was wondering if there is any other way to run CFM pages from a mac.

All signs point to no on this one, but hell, if I'm willing to wade through 5.5 hours of tweaking to try to get O'Reilly's method working, I'm willing to try anything.

I'd watch out for the VPC/Linux combo deal to server up web pages... That is a lot of points of failure to serve up a web site. I would not recommend this for any site that needs consistent up time. You need to check this site out though

they have a compiler that compiles CFM pages to run on J2EE engines... that's right... cold fusion pages on the X server! check it out.

On mine, it not the best variant

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