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Cannot at a New User to MySQL
I have never created a MySQL database before.

Your instructions at, step 10 say to "Click on 'Add a new User' and enter a control username. Select the 'Any Host' pop-up and switch to "Local" (localhost will appear in the text field). Type a password for the control user into both fields as indicated."

Maybe its just me, but I cannot find anywhere where that has anyplace that lets me add a new user.

Maybe I'm supposed to know where to click to get that message? I think I found your new test monkey.

When you get to the authentication dialog, you need to click on "Privileges". THEN you can click on "Add a new User"
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I cannot use connection user id to override because user has no password. Server MQ runs on the username which has no password

I am opening the queue over only here.

queueManager = new MQQueueManagerQueueManagerName, channelName, connectionName;

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