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Anyone running a Cumulus server?
I'm about to set up a Cumulus server on one of my Dual G4 XServers. Is anyone running Cumulus? Any pitfalls I should be aware of? I have been running the server on a G4/450 for about two years, with very few problems.

I've been running a cumulus server for about 2 years now.  I find it's a little bit of a hack in how things are done.  It's all Java, I think...  I find the user management tools to be poor as well, but they do work.  Also, exceptionally complicated.  I also don't like how the cataloging and storing of images are seperate.  If your users are not careful, things can be out of sync...

However, once it's setup, it works very well from the client side.  The client program was given much more thought than the admin tools and works well.  I swore a few times setting up the server, but the clients are happy.  Both client and server are stable as well. I haven't touched the server since I set it up.

So, you're running Version 6? I've been running a Version 5 server for a couple years, and it's kind of weird on the server end because none of the application shows up in the Finder. It is all running at the UNIX level, so it's kind of stealthy, running in the background. Is version 6 different. Can you launch, and quit, the server app from within the Aqua interface?
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