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Guidelines for MacServers Forums
Welcome to the MacServers Forums! Ever find yourself banging your head against the wall because you can't get something to work, and you just know that someone somwhere has already encountered and solved that problem? Well, you are not alone. The whole reason this site exists is to provide a place for people like you to share tips with other like-minded tinkerers. We hope you will find these forums a useful way to both learn from others and contribute your own knowledge.

Following are a few guidelines and suggestions. Please read and remember them as best you can, in order to create a more pleasant experience for the entire community.
� In order to keep the discussions focused, commercial postings are not permitted and will be deleted. If you are not sure if your post qualifies as commercial in nature, feel free to ask our staff. Note that recommendation requests about commercial products and services are allowed, provided that the recommendations are sent directly to the poster via Private Message as opposed to posting your endorsement in the forums.

� Please preview before posting! This will enable you to catch any errors before they become part of the permanent record. In particular, test your URL links to make sure they work!

� Please select the most appropriate forum before creating a new topic. Topics that are not categorized properly may be moved to the appropriate location by an administrator.

� Please think about the intended audience before you post. If you feel that your reply to somebody's else post will only be of interest to that person and nobody else, please send a Private Message instead of replying with a Forum post.

� Please be concise when it makes sense to do so. If quoting text from another post, please do so conservatively and include only the most relevant portion(s). Please send large code blocks via Private Message instead of posting them to the Forums. If using signatures, please keep them as brief as possible.

� When posting tips or instructions, on the other hand, please provide as much detail as possible. Doing so will save everyone (including yourself!) a great deal of time in the long run.

� Please use BBCode where appropriate to increase the readability of your post. This type of mark-up is much preferred over ALL CAPS, which is often interpreted as shouting.

� Installation/configuration questions are welcome. Please try to help others when you can!

� More forums will be created as needed; contact us if you have specific suggestions.
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read these guidelines. We look forward to the discussions!
Welcome Team P4F members and Team P4F friends to our new forums. With more powerful forum software we now have the ability to allow non-P4F members to join our forums, and still have a private area just for Team P4F members.

The forum is divided into Public and Private sections. If you are a Team P4F friend then you will only see the Public forums. If you are a Team P4F member then you will see both the Public and the Private forums.

Team P4F members: before making a post decide if it should be accessible to just Team P4F members or also to Team P4F friends, and make the post in the Private or Public section respectively.

Everybody: Please try to make posts in the appropriate forum. If you need a new forum or subforum to be created then please let Admin/Acid know.

Thanks and enjoy

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